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Feast of Tabernacles 2014

During the course of our conference meetings on Tuesday we discussed the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles 2014. We have realized that we need to get a more accurate view of the numbers planning to attend the Feast with us this year. That figure is, of course, key in entering into a contract for a Festival location. We would therefore like to ask all of you who do plan to attend our festival site to let us know that by sending an email to Mr. Marshall Stiver at including your name and the number of festival goers attending with you. (Mr. Stiver has been asked to serve as Festival Coordinator this year.)

As far as the festival site is concerned, no final decision has been made. This projected attendance figure that we are asking you to help us with will be an important factor.

Once again, if you are planning to attend the Feast of Tabernacles with us this year, please send an email to Marshall Stiver at including your name and the number of participants. We would appreciate it if you could take care of this right away.

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Given the current configuration of members and available ministers, consideration has been given this week to providing ministerial service to the members.

For now, the full time ministers are Marshall Stiver, Cliff Veal and Brian Orchard. They are assisted by Steve Andrews (part time), Bill Hutchison (Ohio), Chip Capo (Long Island), Don Day (Iowa), Bill Hendricks (Oklahoma), Herb Van Curen (Oklahoma), Fred Watson (Texas) Richard Emery (Texas), Ray Perez (Texas), Bill Eastburn (Idaho), Pete Wolf (California), Ken Vail (California) and Maurice Frohn (U.K.).

Steve Andrews will oversee all administrative areas and act as a roving ambassador to assist with speaking and church visits as needed. He will also initially provide ministerial oversight for Phoenix.

Bill Hutchison and Chip Capo are available to assist members in the Eastern states while Marshall Stiver will continue to pastor the North Central Region. He will also assist with Phoenix, Roswell and El Paso along with occasional visits to Oklahoma and Texas.

Brian Orchard will pastor the West Coast, including Pasadena, along with Oklahoma and Texas. He will also be the main contact with Australasia.

Cliff Veal will remain in Europe to serve the members in the UK, Germany and Madagascar plus any French speaking members in other areas. The Veals are very familiar with the brethren in the South Eastern part of the US and are very happy to assist in any way they can.

These are roughly designated areas and members in any location are free to contact any minister anywhere. There are no firm boundaries.

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