• January 31, 2015 Update

    Greetings, As we have continued to work on developing the Father’s Call website, it has been decided to concentrate our efforts on one site for now. A second site is always an option but with our limited resources (mainly manpower) it is felt we need to make every effort to make the existing site informative… Continue Reading

    January 31, 2015 Update
  • Faith or Fear

    Faith connects us to the spirit realm, allowing us to perceive as real things that are not visible.

    Faith or Fear
  • David’s Life Examples – Part 3

    Bible Study – Brian Orchard

    David’s Life Examples – Part 3
  • Growing in Adversity

    Cliff Veal – Sermon

    Growing in Adversity
  • I Will Lift You Up

    We are to be humble in fasting. We are to have a condition of heart that allows God to draw near.
    God gives grace to the humble. Draw near to God and he will draw near to us. God will lift us up if we have a humble heart.

    I Will Lift You Up