• December 20 2014 Update

    Greetings, This week I was able to read a private email from an American living and working in Russia. He had asked for advice from his peers here about the wisdom of staying or leaving to come back to the U.S. His personal summation of reality within Russia was chilling. News reports later this week… Continue Reading

    December 20 2014 Update
  • Authority and Peace

    The correct use of power and authority will cause real peace to expand.
    This power is to be the root of what we are, who we are. Teachers by example.

    Authority and Peace
  • David’s Life Examples – Part 2
  • Protection of Our Mind
  • The Family Garden

    The garden of Eden is often spoken about in mythical terms. The garden of Eden is God’s vineyard. We are to be working in that vineyard for love, not gain.

    The Family Garden