• With a Mighty Hand

    In the end, it will be us saying we did not do a thing, it was all God. It was his mighty hand that brought us out, that saved us.

    With a Mighty Hand
  • Loving Kindness

    We need to be growing in a kindly concern for others.

    Loving Kindness
  • The Family of God Culture

    Culture provides people with a sense of being. But in this age, people are only looking to themselves. No culture challenges the self. No human culture builds a family. A family of God culture is different.

    The Family of God Culture
  • Healing

    God is restoring all things by healing the nations through one nation. A nation that starts with a healed personal relationship with Christ.

  • The Spiritual Nature of Governance

    The Church and its governance are an extension of the God family. Right government is a spiritual matter; human benchmarks are irrelevant. The Church is the Kingdom of God in embryonic form. Christ was born of man that he might qualify for the throne.

    The Spiritual Nature of Governance