• February 21, 2015 Update

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    February 21, 2015 Update
  • The Spiritual Nature of Governance

    The Church and its governance are an extension of the God family. Right government is a spiritual matter; human benchmarks are irrelevant. The Church is the Kingdom of God in embryonic form. Christ was born of man that he might qualify for the throne.

    The Spiritual Nature of Governance
  • Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

    All of us want to do works that are good and pleasing to God. We also know we should go above and beyond the call of duty and not be unprofitable servants. But sometimes we may feel our extra efforts just don’t seem to reap the spiritual rewards and blessings we feel they should.

    Obedience is Better than Sacrifice
  • Only One God Is God!

    Since the beginning of time, there have been many man-devised idols of bizarre appearance. Men have always bowed down to the ground before carved stones, wood or even photographs. But only one God is God!

    Only One God Is God!
  • Overcome Victim Mentality

    Spill hot coffee and sue the company. This is the victim mentality, the world owes us something. No matter what we do, we feel we are innocent and are a victim. Christ never had victim thinking.

    Overcome Victim Mentality